The Driving Force Behind Padrino Foods

Padrino Foods is an authentic Mexican Food manufacturer that makes Tamales for many well-known Restaurants, Grocery Stores and Convenience Stores in its USDA Inspected Facility.

But more important is what sets Padrino Foods apart.  The desire for complete customer satisfaction, and a committment to our customers is what makes the difference. 

We give our customers what they want by custom manufacturing an incredible tasting tamale, and doing so without  the use of lard.

Another unique feature of our tamales is the heat-in bags.  Whether you re-heat a dozen, or our one-of-a-kind tamale two-pack with an easy-tear notch, the vacuum-sealed bag keeps it fresh and at just the right moisture level.

Padrino Foods now offers INDIVIDUALLY wrapped and sealed tamales for the Convenience Store/Roller Grill application.  This new innovative packaging allows customers to buy one or several tamales at a time.  The easy opening package stays sealed, keeping the tamale hot and fresh for each and every one of your customers. 

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We believe you'll agree that our tamales are the best!   And as I always say -


TamaleDave      &   TamaleDiane
David Luther           Diane Gutierrez Luther 

Padrino Foods, LLC is a Certified Women Owned Business Enterprise
Our  Dallas-based company was established September 26, 2006 by Renee Borin, Peggy Murray, Diane Gutierrez Luther, and David B. Luther and has been growing strong ever since. We have combined three generations of business experience in tamale manufacturing to become a premier manufacturer  and distributor of tamales in the United States. This combination is turning out to be a great recipe for success !